Nailed it!


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Nailed It is an adult party game where players get to celebrate relatable stereotypes we see in our everyday lives. Players will each be given 6 category cards to start the game. On these each card, there are items from 4 categories: location, food, clothing, and ailment.

Players will be challenged to create a story about why a category item (location, food, clothing, or ailment) in their hand is the best fit for the selected Stereotype. Stories can be simple or complex, logical or far-fetched. It’s up to the judge to decide!

Once a judge picks their favorite story and awards the player the Nailed It that stereotype card.

However – be aware that there are several Drop the Hammer cards players might have. If a player “drops the hammer,” the judge must pick a different winner for that round.

The role of judge goes around the table. For 6+ players, the first player to earn three stereotype cards wins the game. For 5 or less players, 5 stereotype cards wins.

  • Fun, Fast & Frenzied Word game perfect ferrets (and people too.)
  • HOW TO PLAY: Players may buy one letter each turn. At the end of the fourth turn, players have just 30 seconds to make the highest-scoring word they can using the cards they have in their hand.
  • HIT THE HIGH STAKES BONUS: Earn bonus points by achieving other goals such as “a three-syllable word,” “an adjective,” or “an animal.”
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Family or Friends Plays in 30 minutes, Ages 10+



  • Age: 17+
  • Players: 2-12
  • Time to Play: 30 Min