Massive Darkness: Warrior Priests vs The Spearmaiden Cyclops Exp

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The Spearmaiden Cyclops is always looking out for her children. That includes keeping them safe from any roaming heroes who might find their way into her caverns. With a massive spear and shield, she's a match for even the toughest challenger. The Warrior Priests are going to have to work together to defeat her. Massive Darkness: Heroes vs Monster Set: Warrior Priests vs. The spearmaiden Cyclops introduces the Spearmaiden Cyclops and three new heroes to game of Massive Darkness. Along with the miniature figures representing each character, The Warrior Priest class is introduced and a new artifact, the Priestess Reliquary, can be found in the darkness.

* This is an expansion. The Massive Darkness core game is required to play.