Squish 'em!

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Four adventurers. Four attacks... but only one will slay the monster.

In Squish’em!: Fantasy – you will play the Elf, the Summoner, the Barbarian and the Speller against more than 20 different monsters : a Cute Lil Bunny, a Cockatrice, a Manotaur, a Hat Golem, a Boy scout…

These “monsters” (often cute or funny) are too terrorized to counter-attack, but be careful because the other players want the same thing you want : give the coup de grâce to that adorable little creature.

Your goal is simple : be the first to slay 3 creatures.

Unfortunately, you can collide with other players or find your attacks cancelled by a monster or player's effect.

Squish’em!: Fantasy is the first game of the series Squish’em! All these games are stand-alone and can also be mixed to play with more heroes and more monsters.

Components : Box - Rules - 66 cards