Double Double Dominoes


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Double Double Dominoes

Double Double Dominoes is a fast and fun new approach to dominoes! Score points by matching dominoes on top of key spaces on the board, or better yet—play a double domino and double your score. Get ready to outwit and outscore your opponents in this addicting spin on a classic game!


ages: 8+

players: 2-4

time: 50 minutes

While Calliope

was a prisoner of Ares, she struck up an unlikely friendship with the Dragon, who would sneak up to visit her and pass the time. As they spoke and played games through the golden bars, Calliope learned that the Dragon had a hidden weakness: a fierce love for treasure and shiny baubles. One fateful day, Calliope and the Dragon played a high-stakes game of Double Double Dominoes, where she bet all of her magical diamonds and other jewels against the Dragon’s assistance as a navigator of the skies—should she ever be freed. In the end, when the dust settled and the dominoes lay still, the Dragon had lost. He kept his word and joined her cause, but to this day he still desires all of her glistening, shimmering treasures for himself!