AP Sculpting Tools

Army Painter

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  • SPECIAL SET OF 3 MOST USED SCULPTING AND CLEANING TOOLS - The Army Painter has carefully chosen highly-used shapes of model tools for customization and repairing of miniatures in this mini tool set. It comes with 3 double-sided modeling clay tools with 6 different tips
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION TO STAND FREQUENT USE - Unlike other miniature tools that are flimsy and could break anytime, The Army Painter tough stainless steel material makes these sculpting modeling tools hold up well and last forever even when used as carving tools with dried modeling clay
  • AS BIG AS NEEDED, SHARP AND PRECISE - The Army Painter Sculpting Tool Set has been designed by wargamers for wargamers. That’s why the size, shape, and tips are not meant for random projects. This stainless steel set has precise tips to be used with air dry clay, preferably green stuff, and miniatures
  • EASILY HIDE THE MOLD LINES, ADD WHATEVER YOU WANT - When cutting the miniatures from the frame, nobody is immune to making mistakes. Now, using air dry modeling clay and these sculpting dab tools you can hide any imperfection. Use your imagination to add details and make your minis unique
  • EASY TO GRIP HANDLES FOR COMFORTABLE FEELING - Comfortable knurled handles provide excellent grip, even with wet hands. Ergonomically designed, they allow better control, whether you're repairing, customizing or cleaning the miniature of excess material