AP Miniature Model Drill

Army Painter

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  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR MODELING PROJECTS - This small drill can play a big role in your wargaming modeling and customization of plastic, resin and metal miniatures. Being a hand tool, not dependent on power, with pen size design and place for the bit set in the handle, you can easily carry and store it. Great to have a portable drill around the gaming table, isn’t it?
  • VISE AT ITS BEST - The Army Painter Pin Vise Drill has an adjustable drill holder that caters to the drill size you need. The adjustable chuck head allows you to use the 8 different sized drill bits of The Army Painter giving you diversity in the jobs it can complete. Grooved grip lets you have the proper leverage when rotating the pin vise.
  • HOW TO USE THE DRILL - Gently lean the handheld drill in the palm of your hand to make a sign; after that twist and turn the drill while keeping it stable. The pin set in this drill kit allows you to imitate bullet holes, for fix magnets and to pin larger details of miniatures together
  • PIN VISE & BIT SET CONTENTS: 1 pin vise, 125 mm long (measured with a bit); 1 bit x 1mm; 1 bit x 1.4mm; 1 bit x 1.8mm. The head holds bits up to 3mm in diameter