Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Movement Trays (40mm) 65-22

Games Workshop

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In games of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse, models in the same unit must remain within ½” of each other at all times. The Apocalypse 40mm Movement Trays can mount either two or three miniatures with Citadel 40mm Round Bases, making it much quicker and easier to move them around the battlefield while maintaining their unit coherency.

The movement trays are made of transparent plastic, meaning that they will complement your miniatures regardless of the basing scheme that you've used on them. Each set of bases tessellates so you can put together large units of miniatures. There are eight different designs of movement tray (two of each design are supplied) for added variety.

8 movement trays (of 4 designs) hold 3 miniatures, and 8 movement trays (of 4 designs) hold 2 miniatures – Citadel miniatures on 40mm bases are usually supplied in sets of 3 or 5 models, meaning you can easily combine 2- and 3-model trays to carry them.

Key Features
A set of 16 movement trays designed for quick and easy movement of miniatures during games of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse
Each movement tray holds either 2 or 3 miniatures mounted on Citadel 40mm Round Bases
Made from transparent plastic and designed to tessellate together if required