Break the Code


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Break your opponents' code

The code is a series of numbers that each player hides behind their screen. To find it, you have to ask the right questions and avoid revealing your game! The winner will be the smartest... or the most daring.

It's up to you! Carefully choose the most relevant "question" card from the 6 available for the tour. The answer from your opponents will gradually allow you to reconstruct the code that is hidden in front of each of them.

"Where are your 5?" 
"Where are your neighboring tiles with numbers of the same color? ».

As you read the answers, find the location and color of each digit. Deduction, elimination, and intuition will help you break your opponents' code... before they find yours! And to take the speed opponents, you can start at any time... even if you are not 100% sure of the code to find!


In a duel, the goal of the game is to discover your opponent's code before he finds yours, in a fast and tense game.

With 3 or 4 players, you must be the first to identify the hidden code in the center of the table. It will, therefore, be necessary to find the code of each opponent in order to be able to deduce from it the one that is hidden from all! The game then becomes incredibly tactical, because each player is required to answer the questions... even the one who asks them! Will you be able to get interesting information without revealing your own game too much?


Whatever its configuration, Break The Code is a very clever game that generates games as fast as they are addictive. Break The Code is a race to decipher, a sprint of deduction to know which player will be able to unmask his opponents first. To win, you have to take risks, know how to reveal yourself a little to gather crucial information on the composition of enemy codes. Any mistake will be heavily sanctioned so don't take unnecessary risks...

With 2, 3 or 4 players: Break The Code is a deduction game that will make your mind work for high voltage games!


  • 21 cards Question
  • 20 tiles Number
  • 4 screens
  • 1 block of note sheets
  • 1 rule booklet